This episode name is called The Trouble Gets Rescued

In this episode, Marcie announces Lolirock's concert will be held in a resort! After hours, the party went on. It as shown inside Venom's crystal ball. Meanwhile, Izira was trapped in a hanging see through ball. Venom summons zombies from his enemy vault to capture the princesses. The 5 tried to stop them but the zomies absorbed their power and they took them to Ephedia. Bellamy saw the guests zombified! She decided to go to Ephedia and, Bellamy saw Izria's medallion! She picked it up and went in the dungeon. Bellamy could see Izira in the ball but, they couldn't hear what each were saying. So, Bellamy used her bow and arrow to help Izira escape. The 2 and the kingdom animals had to solve riddles if they wanted to save their friends. It turns out that magic doesn't affect on zombies! The last riddle said that the 2 must rush up the stairs to activate the zombie's defeat in a circle of 2 holes. The holes are keyholes for the arrows of Melvalor! Both of them placed in the arrows and converged. After the power absorbent wore off, the 5 princesses rushed up the steps to see what was going on. They realized that they have been rescued! Bellamy forgot all about the celebration concert that the 6 had to hurry. Before Bellamy went back to Earth, she returned the medallion to Izira. Izira thanked Bellamy for all her help. The 6 enjoyed the party. Lolirock sang songs, Lyna worked the sweets, and Carissa worked the refreshments. Marcie was pleased to see her co-owner safe. Finally, it was time to eat cake.

The End

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