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    June 22, 2017 by Hellomehime11

    Hello everyone! Today we will be talking about Izera princess of Xeris who is also Talia's sister. Izera is a misterious person,who,at all, is not like Talia is not the begining. Talia turns out to be a fun playful person untill her sister (Izera) and parents are captured. Then talia is serouis, but enough with Talia. By how she looks and some research Izera is about 25. She has similar characteristics to Talia, but is different in overall appearance. Izira has white hair and moderate mulberry eyes. She wears a blue and cyan dress and a medallion which she uses to tie her hair up. She is responsible and has a lot of integrity. She is a natural leader and is very concerned about the safety of her people. Izira is the first born princess of …

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