Howdy, this is TigerLily02 here with my 3rd blog entry explaining you about the English dub of LoliRock. So, you know that LoliRock was made in France right? Well, here are those things you need to know about it:

It wasn't the French version that came out first. So, it means that the French version is a dub, and not the original. It was actually the English that came out first because when the show got preparation in 2012, it was in English. This happens with most European shows. I do like the French version, but I think the English is much better because I can understand what the characters are saying. Like for example, Winx Club (Seasons 5-present) was made in Italy and was dubbed in English and got sent so it would be dubbed as Italian.

So, for all people who hate the English dub of LoliRock, please stop it! The dub is important, and if it weren't to that, then it wouldn't have made it worldwide.

That's all I would like to say. See ya later!

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