This is my last wish for the LoliRock fandom before dissolving into thin air before moving on to the Magiki fandom. I'm really sorry, but I can't handle it anymore, and I've had enough with LGBT propaganda (I have nothing against them really) being putted there.

1. I wish the fandom wasn't plagued with little kids with broken English.

2. I wish the fandom didn't ruin the show's true meaning.

3. I wish the fandom never discriminated heterosexuals.

4. I wish the fandom didn't view the main characters as LGBT characters.

5. I wish the fandom never whined about Mephisto's death during the final episode.

6. I wish blog never existed (in the first place).

7. I wish the fandom never spoiled for people.

8. I wish the fandom was a better place.

9. I wish the fandom acted like mature and smart people.

10. I wish the fandom disappeared...FOREVER.

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