After my long inactivity in this wiki and stopping myself from being associated with LoliRock, I finally returned to this wiki and will continue my job as an admin here.

Even though I wanted to stop watching LoliRock, I kinda missed being here in this wiki for some reason. I understood BelieveInMagic814's pain and sorrow for me leaving and having to do all the exhausting job by himself, and I didn't want to come into contact with the show anymore because:

1. The fanbase

and 2. The comments here

I think this is saga is becoming such a big history for me. I first hated the show for being a rip-off of other western and eastern magical girl shows, but as long as I watched the episodes, the more I quickly grew an interest for them. I then started to hate the show again for being boring to watch over and over again, and now I love LoliRock again. This is how it developed in the blink of an eye.

Aside from LoliRock having references to LGBT crap (no offense), I think this is exactly the opposite of Totally Spies!, Zodiak Kids' biggest works, having obscure references to sexual fetishism. References to such topics like that are frequent in kids' shows, but I think TS has worse of it. 

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