if the title confuses you, it actually means the unexpected facts of LoliRock that ZK wants you to forget about (meaning to forget the facts):

  1. Back in June 2015, when the show was still on production hiatus, there was an image from a birthday greeting card which had a girl who strikingly resembled Praxina, the main villain. This could be seen due to the pale skin, violet hair and dark blue eyes. However, it is not revealed whether it is actually Prax or not. Suddenly, a day later, the girl was redesigned with dark blonde hair, green eyes and only 2 eyelashes. It is not explained why the picture was changed, possibly to avoid fans making their own speculations on how and why she went to the good side.
    Tumblr ohruyjtGFy1ufcxmvo2 400

    Original photo

    The infamous spoiler changed

    Updated version.p

  1. In the episode Raffle Baffle, near the end of the episode, you can actually hear Talia say "Hell yeah!". However, despite LoliRock being a children's show, I think I have an explanation on why the creators made her say a swear word that isn't so dangerous. First of all, France has different views on censorship and what is acceptable for children. That will say swearing often happens in media aimed at children in France. However, I don't know how the episode got past the censors on Netflix in the US. In the French dub of Lucky Star, Meph says "let's give those girls one hell of a party". That should say something.

So, I believe these are the only facts I could gather. If you have more facts, I can update this blog.

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