Truth be Told

  • Iris and the girls are being tricked by the twins using the spell "Vox Deceptio" and they both pretend to be Nathaniel, Talia, and Auriana. The Twins get Iris alone and just when they think that they can send Iris back to Gramorr a mysterious woman come by stopping them in their tracks she stands in the middle of an Ephedian magical circle she used "Crystal Fortisimus" pushing them back blocks away.
  • Iris falls unconscious and when she later wakes up she is in her room she goes to the library to tell Talia and Auriana. Iris can't really remember what happened so Talia uses a spell "Crystal Veritus" to see her memories but they are very foggy so they deiced to go the abandon part of town to where the fight took place.
  • Sticking out of the ground were fragments of pink crystal, walking to where Iris laid on the ground they find a necklace that's been left behind Talia picks it up and says "It's just a broken chain." putting back on the ground to use "Crystalocum Ostandere" but the spell doesn't work and Iris is feeling a little under the weather and takes the necklace with her back home when it starts glowing and points to Aunt Ellen's room, Iris hears the sound of the shower water running but the necklace pulls her toward a box that hold the mask the Ephedian had on.
  • Aunt Ellen confirms that she is from Ephedia and shows Iris a flash back on what happened, The Queen tells Ellira to take Princess Iris to earth. "Care for her and make sure no harm comes to her. if Ephedia falls she will be our last hope. Be the mother that I can't be" The Queen said opening a portal to take them both away. Back in the present Iris cries about what she sees, Iris is a little upset that Aunt Ellen never told her "you knew all this time and never told me." Iris said her hands in fist, "I need some air." she says and walks out of her aunts room.


  • Aunt Ellen tries to reason with her, with a cup of hot chocolate, "You know me so well." Iris's necklaces glows telling her that someone is in need. "no need to hide this."

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