Temple of Andrak
The Temple of Andrak is a place mentioned in "Crowning Glory: Part 2". After Gramorr got the power of the Crown to his hand, he immediately rushed for the temple, followed by his evil creature Banes and the twins. It was also the place where was led the final fight of Season 2 between Iris and Gramorr.


The temple is located somewhere on the huge mountain over the massive forest in Ephedia. Gramorr said: it is "a vantage point" for casting a spell. The temple has floating rocks with a big one inside an orbit of floating rocks around. These rocks are being made with the same colour that the dark magic has. There is a tomb inside of the temple, however most parts of the temple has been destroyed.



Season 2Edit

In "Crowning Glory: Part 2", Gramorr wants to cast a spell in the temple that will make all Ephedians bow and scrape to him, and enslave them all. When Gramorr entered this place he took his hand to the skies and covered the before blue sky to the dark one, after that he immediately started to make his process for corrupting Ephedia.



  • It is an Ephedian place, that showed to be formal location.
  • This was the place where Praxina lost her brother in in conclusion fight between Iris and Gramorr, caused by the main stone floating around of the temple, hitting the cliff and causing the ground to drop down, including Mephisto that has teleported right to the impact area and that way he saved his sister from being destroyed by the stone, when however after the cliff has dropped it also took Praxina with it. She was later found down, deep in the forest beneath the cliff area.

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