The Queen of Ephedia is the mother of Iris. She ruled Ephedia before Gramorr attacked and usurped the throne. She first appeared in "To Find a Princess" when Talia and Auriana told Iris about her true identity.


The queen is a slender woman with long light purple wavy hair, fair skin and light blue eyes. She wears a white long sleeved off the shoulder dress with a pink heart on the chest with a blue gem in the center of it and a sliver crown containing the Oracle Gems


Not much is know about her, but from what could be seen in the first episode, the queen of Ephedia seemed to be a good person and a loving mother.


The Queen and her husband were the rulers of Ephedia until they were betrayed by Gramorr who attacked them and took the throne. To protect her daughter, the queen sent her to Earth. After that, Gramorr tried to take the power of her crown, but he failed as it has a magical protection. The oracle gems disappeared and dispersed on Earth. It is unknown as to what happened to the Queen and King.


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Magical Abilities

The Queens of Ephedia are the legitimate rulers and holder of absolute power.

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  • The Queens of Ephedia are the legitimate rulers and holder of absolute power.
  • The current Queen and King of Ephedia must have known Morgaine personally as implied in the episode "Dance Craze".

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