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Praxina is the older twin sister of Mephisto, and is one of the main antagonists at the end of Season 2 in LoliRock. Together, they fight against Iris, Auriana and Talia.

Her nickname is Prax, used by her younger twin brother Mephisto.


Praxina has mid-long hair and colour between burgundy and purple. She has a fringe, hiding one eye and a hairclip on the other side in shape of a butterfly. She wears a black dress with red and white sings on the middle and top. She also wears handgloves without fingers, for all hand. Her nails are in a black colour. She wears a cape and black high heels.

At the end of Season 2, Praxina has skin the same as Banes' that covers her body, shoulder pads the same as Gramorr's, and half of his mask over where her hair covers her face.


Praxina is a very affirmed person determined to obtain the Oracle Gems and destroying the five Princesses. She loves to belittle people, especially her enemies and her twin brother Mephisto, the latter of whom she reminds that she was born before. She is extremely intelligent, cold, ruthless and hates the Princesses at her heart and wishes to destroy all of them. Her attacks tend to be demonstrations of raw power with explosions and large summoned monsters.


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Magical Abilities

Her magic gem color is bright red.

Praxina's power is black and red crystal energy, often used in form of crystals. She use different kinds of spells, such as "Ateruina", "Teranor". She is also able to create monsters from her crystals. Just like Mephisto, she can fly and teleport. When in offense based battle she can easily shoot massive waves of crystals, on the other side her defensive abilities aren't that evolved.


  • In an image on LoliRock's official website, there is a girl who bears resemblance to Praxina. This image was later changed for unknown reasons.
  • Her magic crest symbol is a circle with a lightning on it's centre and has lightning rays in fashion like a sun.
  • She is the second character to have lost her memory. The first being Iris.
  • Her loss of Mephisto is similar to Iris' loss of Nathaniel.
  • She is the first Ephedian who uses two weapons instead of one. The second being Carissa.
  • She became the main evil antagonist at the end of Season 2 with Gramorr's banal defeat.



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