Magic Circles are symbols that appear when the characters are casting spells. Each character has different symbols in their magic circles.


The circles have different symbols and motifs but they all appear to be in a spherical shape with Ephedian Runes around them. It is observed that the Magical Princesses' Magic Circles resembles to the emblem of their realms. No two characters were shown to have the exact same symbol with the exception of Deinos and Kakos and later Jodan and Auriana.


The Magic Circles appear under the caster when they are performing strong or special spells. The Magic Circles may appear in the user's hand in a smaller form when they casting simple or weak spells. When casters are about to do a convergence spell their Magic Circles merge and form a huge Magic Circle.


  • The creators stated that Gramorr doesn't have his own Magic Circle.[1]



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