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Princess Lyna is a supporting character in LoliRock. She debuts in the episode, "Home Part I". She is the princess of Borealis.

Her magic gem color is seafoam. Her motif is the Fleur de Lys and her transformation item is located at her hair. She mainly uses levitation spells in battle and uses a chakram ring as her weapon.


She has thigh length black hair and purple eyes. She wears a teal and turquoise sleeveless button up dress, and a pair of navy blue knee high boots.

After she transforms, Lyna has knee-length pastel green hair and purple eyes. More coming soon...

Coming Soon...


Not much is known about her, but she appears as a shy but brave princess. Ever since her debut, she was a ruthless and cold-hearted prisoner of Gramorr.

Later she revealed a more light-hearted personality. It is revealed that she likes crystal tea and is proud of her castle in Borealis. She also stated that she was used to the life of a princess and never imagined she would be in mud joining the resistance. She is often arguing with Carissa. Her sophisticated demeanor clashes with Carissa's brashness. Though the two of them work very well in battles.


Season 1

Lyna and Carissa made their first appearances in "Home Part I". They rescued Talia and Auriana from Gramorr's monsters and then captures them again. Later the two broke free from Lyna's spell and confronted their captors. It turns out they were sent by someone to get the two princesses. The mastermind behind this was revealed to be Izira.

Izira explained that she managed to escape the prison because of Lyna and Carissa' help. Together they formed the resistance and made Xeris their base of operation.

Season 2

Lyna is learning the human habitation and acting on planet Earth, with determination to help main three princesses when in trouble. She both with Carissa moves back to Ephedia at the Season 2 finale, once all charms are united inside the crown.


Transformation Sequences



  • Lyna, in her human disguise, has some resemblance to Missy Robins, which can lead to believe that they are one and the same person.
  • Many fans mistook Lyna as "Brenda" before she made her official debut. This was because of the leaked episode titles for Season 2 and photo of what appears to be Lyna. Team LoliRock later debunks that none of the new princesses were Brenda, and that Brenda is actually a minor/background character.
  • In the Castilian Spanish dub, her name is pronounced "Lena" or "Lina".
  • It was hinted that Lyna will be the part of LoliRock group in Season 2 along with Carissa.
  • Her magic crest has the symbol of fleur de lys.
  • She is voiced by the same English voice actress as Praxina, (they're both voiced by Kelly Sheridan).
  • Not counting Iris' Shanila form, Lyna is the only Princess with the ability to fly.


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