Gramorr's Flower2

Gramorr's Flower is an enchanted ephedian flower created by the evil sorcerer Gramorr.

Description Edit

The flower has three petals of blue colors with darker tones at its center. It has golden stem and has crystallize texture.

Ability Edit

the flower can contain a dark spell capable of hypnotism when inhaled. The victim under its enchantment will obey the orders of the caster.

Plot Edit

It appeared in the episode "Stop in the Name of Lev" parts 1 and 2. Nathaniel was hypnotize into falling head over heel for Missy Robins, who wears the flower like a hair clip. Later it was revealed that the message of the King to Iris was authentic but only because he was under the spell of Gramorr's flower.

Victims Edit

  • Nathaniel
  • King of Ephedia

Trivia Edit

  • It was never revealed who gave the flower to Missy as she stated it was a "gift".
  • It is possible that either Lev or the Twins gave her the flower as a plot to lower Iris' morale so she can fall into their trap.
  • Amaru was able to detect that the hair clip was not ordinary just by sniffing its aroma

Gallery Edit

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