Doug is a recurring character in LoliRock. He is a big fan of the LoliRock band and writes a blog about them. His first appearance is in episode Batty.

Appearance Edit

He has an average height like Nathaniel and has blond hair and hazel brown eyes.


Doug is a fanatic. He likes gushing over the different things and happenings about LoliRock. Doug also appears to be gullible sometimes due to his innocence.


Sightings Edit


  • It has been hinted that Doug might have a crush on Auriana.
  • Doug came very close to discovering the girls secret in "Smart".
  • He is the first person outside of LoliRock to enter the Rehearsal Studio.
  • Despite getting a new phone in "Smart", he is seen using his old phone until "Loli-Lime Sublime".



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