Black Crystal Monsters are creatures of evil brought about by Black Crystal Summoners. They possess different abilities as well as having different appearance. Most of these monsters are completely loyal to their masters. Black Crystal Monsters have unique abilities based on their origin or sometimes based on their designs.

Creation Edit

There are several methods of creating them:

  1. They can be created through chanting spells (most commonly Aterodere)
  2. They can be any creature mutated with Black Crystal Magic.
  3. They can be formed from daily objects infused with Black Crystal Magic.

List of known Black Crystal MonstersEdit


  • The Black Crystal Monsters are similar to the Zetsuborgs from the Pretty Cure series. Both are summoned from the villain(s) and mutated from inanimate objects.
  • Majority of the Black Crystal Monsters are one-eyed, massive in size, and have a mix of black, green and red crystals.[1]
    • However, the Mutated Snumple, the Photo Booth Monster, the Hedgehog Monster, the Sand Monster, and the Totem Monster are not one-eyed.
    • The Archer does not have green crystals.
    • The Oracle Gem Stealer and the Little Box Monster are relatively small.



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