Aunt Ellen is a supporting character who appears in LoliRock. She raises Iris and looks after Talia and Auriana at her house.

In the episode "Truth Be Told", it is revealed that her real name is Ellira, an Ephedian bodyguard tasked by the Queen to raise and protect Iris. She had kept this a secret from Iris for many years until this episode, and from Talia and Auriana until the season 2 finale episodes.


Aunt Ellen has short, curly, dark orange hair and olive green eyes. She often wears a reddish purple jacket with a bright green top beneath and a pair of rolled-up jeans.

Ellira has red hair, sometimes wearing a mask and wears a purple guard uniform. and a green hat


Ellen is a kind, loving and friendly aunt who loves Iris very much like she was her own niece.

As Ellira, she took an oath to the Queen of Ephedia to care, love and to show kindness to everything around her lucky star



  • In the first episode "To Find a Princess", it is revealed that Ellen joined a band when she was 16 years old.
  • Ellen turns 50 years old in the episode "The Birthday". SHE OLD ;p

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